The only time we look down on someone is to help them up.

About Egolift

Egolift is an exciting new brand focusing on you, we want you to feel proud of your achievements.

We want you to feel part of the Egolift tribe!

When you buy from a small company, you're supporting a dream.

Using premium form fitting cottons that accentuate your hard earned body, there are no restrictions to the clothing, so you can get the most out of your workouts.

Self motivation, determination, discipline and an iron will is your Egolift. #youliftyou

Egolift offers FREE Shipping to Australia and New Zealand on orders over $100

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Our story

Egolift started as an idea between friends in a small gym on the Sunshine coast.

I wanted to recreate the family environment, the fist bumps, the encouragement and social connection I have with the members.

The only time we look down on a member is to help them up.

I feel that by buying into the Egolift brand, you also become one of the tribe.