Egolift® Designed on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Qld. Free Shipping Australia & Afterpay available

About Egolift ®

Belong to the Egolift ® bodybuilding tribe!

Our U.S.P has to be the premium form fitting cotton blends we use, that guarantee an unrivaled soft feel, durability, 4 way stretch and moisture wicking properties.

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Afterpay available.

Designed on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

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Our story

Egolift ® started as an idea between friends in a small gym on the Sunshine coast.

I wanted to recreate the family environment, the fist bumps, the encouragement and social connection I have with the members.

The only time we look down on a member is to help them up.

I feel that by buying into our brand, you also become one of the tribe.